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Neighborhood Council Alliances

Budget Advocates

Each Neighborhood Council designates two Budget Representatives who are responsible for reporting back to their NCs on the budget issues and concerns affecting Los Angeles.  During the annual Budget Day at City Hall they elect three Budget Advocates from each of the city’s twelve regions.  The Budget Advocates focus on engaging the community in the process of establishing budget priorities for the City of Los Angeles including meeting with the Mayor and members of the City Council, reviewing budgets for each city department, organizing regional Budget Days to obtain stakeholder input, and researching concerns brought up by the NCs.  The Budget Advocates assemble recommendations for increasing the city’s efficiency in delivering services to its residents.  Each spring, they present the results of their research in the Budget Advocates’ White Paper.  Of the 550 recommendations made in the last couple of years to the city, many from the Budget Advocates, a significant number are being acted upon to help reduce costs and expand services.

More Information:

NCBA Meeting Minutes – 11/15/2014

BA Meeting Report 12/20/2015

Inspector General Update- 12/20/2014

Budget Advocates White Paper – March 2015


Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition (LANCC)

The Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition is intended to enhance the ability of NCs, as well as their clout and influence, to give them a larger voice on issues affecting more than one neighborhood.  LANCC brings in speakers on issues of importance to their members, pass recommendations from the Coalition and share Community Impact Statements to show the city these issues are supported by a broad base. The Coalition is not intended to usurp or interfere with the role of an individual Neighborhood Council in their own neighborhood. Each NC is encouraged to send a delegate to represent them in this important process.

More Information:

LANCC Minutes 12/6/2014

LANCC Minutes 1/3/2015

Sustainability Alliance

The Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance is being established to advance sustainability and resilience through advocacy, sharing best practices and community action in Los Angeles.

The group represents the interests of the Neighborhood Councils and their stakeholders in creating a greener and more sustainable city, working with existing organizations including the nascent Los Angeles Sustainability pLAn to advise and educate interested parties and to link existing solutions to new problems.

Alliance of River Communities (ARC)

LA’s Regional Alliance of East and Northeast Neighborhood Councils and Stakeholders. ARC is committed to empowering the communities we care about, all connected through the Los Angeles River.

ARC Neighborhood Councils include:
Arroyo Seco
Atwater Village
Boyle Heights
Eagle Rock
Elysian Valley Riverside
Glassell Park
Greater Cypress Park
Greater Echo Park Elysian Valley
Historic Highland Park
Lincoln Heights
Los Feliz
Rampart Village
Silver Lake

Additional Neighborhood Council Alliances

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