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Housing, Renter & Homelessness Ad-Hoc Committee


The newly formed Housing, Renters, & Homelessness Committee seeks to inform the community of local housing issues, to provide tenants assistance and information regarding their rights, to provide a platform for engagement with the unhoused in our community, to disseminate news about relevant policies, organizations, and events, to help strengthen local unhoused, housing, and tenants rights laws and improve the connections between the community, the City Council office, and the Los Angeles Housing Department and Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Co-Chairs:   Ghazal Hashemi and Sasha Rappaport

Board Members:  Theresa Saso, Steve Crouch, Samantha McBride

Stakeholders:  Terri Smith


Third Wednesday of the month @ 7:00pm.


November 17, 2021:  Agenda | Video Recording | October 20, 2021:  Agenda | Video RecordingSeptember 15, 2021Agenda | Video Recording | August 18, 2021:  Agenda | Video Recording | July 28, 2021:  Agenda | Video Recording | June 16, 2021:  Agenda | | May 19, 2021:  Agenda | Video Recording | Draft Minutes | April 21, 2021:  Agenda | Video Recording | March 17, 2021:  Agenda | Draft Minutes |  Video Recording | February 24, 2021:  Agenda | Minutes | Video Recording


If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness and is in need of shelter, please call 800-548-6047 or go to LA-HOP.  More resources can be found here:

If you are interested in volunteering to support the unhoused in Highland Park, please go here or contact:

The federal government gave money to the State, Los Angeles County and individual cities for rental assistance. This page provides a brief overview of the state program and links to resources to apply for assistance.

To learn more, check out this rental assistance page, then head over to to apply for rental assistance today.


On September 15, the Historic Highland Park Housing Renters and Homelessness Committee hosted its second Arroyo Seco Tiny Homes Project presentation with Q&A. During the two-hour and forty-minute presentation, Stakeholders were able to bring their concerns to the attention of representatives from CD-14,  Hope of the Valley (service providers of the Tiny Homes) and the LAPD.Anyone wishing to support the project and take an active role in bridging the gap between Highland Park’s unhoused neighbors and the community, are encouraged to join a new Tiny Homes Community Committee by contacting Alice Roth, CD-14’s Highland Park Area Director at, Matthew Tenchaves at, or Sarah Flaherty at

Any questions or concerns regarding the Tiny Homes project can also be directed to Hope of the Valley representatives Laurie Craft, Chief Programs Officer at and Irvin Parra, Director Of Strategic Initiatives, at

The Housing, Renters, and Homelessness Committee will continue to provide a platform for the community to speak on the Tiny Homes Project as it evolves.

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