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Executive Committee


The goal of the Executive Committee is to ensure that this board is engaging and empowering the community of Highland Park.

Consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Treasurer, and Secretary, chaired by the President. The primary duty of the Executive Committee is to establish the first agenda for a new Board, and may meet at other times at the direction of the Board.


Chair: Stephanie Maynetto-Jackson

Other Members: Jeffrey Rex, Olga Vasquez, Nga Bullen 

Meetings:  This committee meets on the Last Thursday of the Month at 7:30pm at the Highland Park Creation Center, 6150 Piedmont Ave.  Note:  Meetings are subject to change due to holidays, volunteer availability and unforeseen circumstances. Please check the calendar for the latest meeting dates.


2020 Executive Committee Meetings Agendas

2019 Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

2018 Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

2016 Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

  • 9-15-16:  Minutes (Special Board Meeting)

2015 Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

5-26-15: Agenda.pdf

2014 Executive Committee Meeting

5-21-14:  Minutes.pdf

2012 Executive Committee Meeting Agendas

10-15-12:  Agenda.pdf