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Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council
Post Office Box 50791
Los Angeles, CA 90050
Certified as NC #33 May 28, 2002

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
200 N. Spring St. Ste..2005
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Telephone: (213) 978-1551

  • To inquire about general information please email:
  • (HHPNC Bylaws – Article VIII Section 2) Any Stakeholder may make a proposal for action by the Council at the next regular Board meeting by submitting a written request to the Secretary or during the public comment period of a regular Council meeting. Line of succession if no Secretary is available: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, or the Treasurer. The Secretary shall refer the proposal to a Standing Committee or, at the next regular Council meeting, the Board shall either consider the proposal or create an Ad Hoc Committee to consider the proposal. The Council is required to consider the proposal at a Committee or Board meeting, but is not required to take further action on the proposal. Proposals made under this subsection are subject to the rules regarding reconsideration.

  • To contact HHPNC Directors click here
  • To submit an event for the HHPNC Calendar email:
  • To submit Feedback, Ideas, Concerns, click on the image below.


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