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About Us

Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council

In 1999 Los Angles re-wrote its City Charter, and included the creation of Neighborhood Councils to provide better access to City Government. As of today, there are 99 Neighborhood Councils. More are being planned.

A Neighborhood Council Board is made up of volunteers, who live, work, own property, or otherwise express an interest, a “stake,” in the neighborhood. They are elected by the neighborhood, and work with their neighbors to improve, and beautify their part of the City, as well as create a bridge to elected officials.

Each Certified Neighborhood Council is subject to rules and laws governing the City. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) oversees the Neighborhood Councils. Each Council is given a budget by the City to pay for the expenses of the NC, and to offer small support grants to community LAUSD schools and 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. Neighborhood Councils may not raise funds.

Within the overall requirements of DONE, and the City, Neighborhood Councils have some flexibility about how they accomplish their mandates. Each NC has a different number of Board members, and different ways of representing their communities.

The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council was established in 2002. The current Board size is 19 members.

Are you a Stakeholder in the Historic Highlands Park Neighborhood Council?

A stakeholder is anyone who lives, works, owns property or has a substantial community interest within the boundaries of the Historic Highlands Park Neighborhood Council.   See the map of our boundaries here.