Message from the President


Happy Spring Highland Park!

Well I know Spring doesn’t officially start until next week, but can you blame me for jumping the gun a little? Highland Park is sprouting green and colors everywhere from all the rain we have been having. My favorite is seeing the wild California poppies sprouting up in between the pavement cracks on shoulders of the Arroyo Seco Parkway. This reminds me of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful part of Los Angeles with so many natural surroundings.

So What’s going on with the neighborhood council this week? Well, we just came off a very busy city election, getting out the vote and keeping you informed as much as possible. The people of Los Angeles decided some pretty significant measures, prioritizing the homeless, and halting an initiative that would have basically banned new housing development. This demonstrates how much we as a community feel that housing is a major priority in our city. It appears that Councilmember Gil Cedillo has won another term as our councilman in CD1, except that there are still uncounted ballots in the thousands, and his margin of votes is still very close to 50%. The way it works in the primaries is that if you don’t earn 50% of the votes, it goes to a runoff election with the next popular candidate. So depending on how the uncounted votes come out, there could be a runoff. We will know for sure when the elections officials certify the election in a couple weeks.

The Executive Committee will meet this Thursday, to discuss the state of the neighborhood council as we approach the one year anniversary of our current term, and discuss ways we can improve and better serve you, our stakeholder. This is a public meeting so feel free to come and make a public comment about this or anything else that may concern the executive committee.

Read on to learn details on this and more stuff happening in our community. We look forward to seeing you out in the neighborhood soon!

Harvey Slater
Your HHPNC President