Housing & Homelessness Committee


Committee Co-chairs: Yolanda Nogueira (Board Member) and Rocio Rivas (Board Member)

Committee Members: Stan Moore (Board Member), Jamive Tijerina (Board Member), Margarito Martinez (Stakeholder), Kim Miller (Stakeholder), Steve Crouch (Stakeholder), Nereida Vazquez (Stakeholder)

Mission:  The HHPNC Housing and Homelessness Committee’s mission is to advocate and educate on housing and homelessness issues in Highland Park by creating awareness of affordable housing and displacement; advocate for and empower homeless families and residents; lobby to provide city and state services; and inform city hall of Highland Park housing and homelessness issues.  In addition, the committee will work with community organizations, city departments, and local stakeholders to provide resources and aid to homeless residents.  The committee will review the implications of the problems of housing and homelessness, and to make recommendations in that regard.