Governing Board

The HHPNC Board meetings are held on the 1st Thursday of the month from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Highland Park Senior Center.  The 3rd Thursday of the month is reserved for HHPNC committee meetings and/or special events or workshops.


PRESIDENT:    Rocio Rivas. As President, I am at humbly at the service of my community of Historic Highland Park. In the last couple of years, Highland Park, like in many communities in Los Angeles, has experienced the many changes that gentrification brings forth, which encourages me to become more involved in my community by actively participating in the institutions and structures that govern Los Angeles. I possess a plethora of experiences, knowledge, ideas, and energy to serve to the needs, interests and desires of Highland Park community stakeholders. My professional experience as a researcher and program evaluator enables me to see various social and political perspectives in given situations. For the past two years and currently, I co-chair the Housing and Homelessness and Beautification Committees, I am a member of the Outreach Committee, and Chair the Family, Youth and Education Committee. In addition, I serve as the liaison to the Emergency Preparedness Neighborhood Council Alliance and to City Hall’s meetings concerning Homelessness. I am actively involved in City Hall meetings, events, symposiums, workshops and civic leadership summits that provide me with information and the networking that enables me to better serve Highland Park. In addition, my connection to and knowledge of City Hall amplifies my understanding of the people, structures, operations, laws and protocols that sustain the life of our beloved city of Los Angeles. The most gratifying aspect of being involved in the neighborhood council has been meeting the members of the Highland Park community at every event that HHPNC has participated. Just as enjoyable to has been collaborating with other community organizations, non-profits, public schools, city departments and offices and council districts 14 and 1 in providing resources, information and special events to Highland Park
stakeholders. My overall civic engagement has allowed me to understand Highland Park in a holistic perspective. I bring forth all my strengths,
skills and knowledge in representing Highland Park stakeholders.  You may contact Rocio at

FIRST VICE PRESIDENT:  SuzAnn Brantner has lived in Highland Park for past 13 years. Originally from Indiana, she holds a degree from Indiana University in Environmental Science and Management. SuzAnn is very passionate about the environment especially climate change, and has been certified as a Climate Reality Leader; obtained through training with former Vice President Al Gore and his “Climate Reality Project.” During her free time, SuzAnn gives presentations about climate change to various groups and schools throughout Los Angeles. Forever looking for ways to expand her education on environmental topics, she is currently obtaining a Sustainability Certificate from UCLA. SuzAnn has already served on the HHPNC as a Director At-Large, and as the chair of the Digital and Social Media Committee, she now chairs the Sustainability Committee. Prior HHPNC experience, a substantial and growing knowledge of environmental issues, and an unmatched energy and enthusiasm will all be focused on helping Highland Park become a more environmentally friendly and sustainable community for current and future residents. You may contact SuzAnn at

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT:  Antonio Castillo. It is my pleasure and honor to serve on the neighborhood council. I am a life-long resident and active member of the Northeast LA community. My family moved to Highland Park in the early ‘70s and continues to live in my childhood home. As an urban planner, I understand the importance of recognizing the history and integrity of a neighborhood as a means of managing appropriate change. My professional experience is in historic preservation, urban planning, and architecture. For the past four years, I have proudly served as President of the Highland Park Heritage Trust and currently serve on the Land Use Committee for the neighborhood council. In both capacities I have been able to balance change, while maintaining the historic integrity and unique character of the neighborhood.  I will continue to work with and for the neighborhood to assure we have a place where we can all live, work, and play safe in Highland Park.  You may contact Antonio at

SECRETARY:  (Pending)

TREASURER:  Joan Potter.   Joan has been a resident of Highland Park for the past 25 years. She was born in Huntington Park and moved about a bit (Long Beach, Westminster, Glassell Park) before landing in paradise.  She is an active  community volunteer serving on the boards of the Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance, the Highland Park Ebell Club,  the Glassell Park Improvement Association, and Vox Femina Los Angeles.  She lives with her wife of 35 years in the Garvanza area.  You may contact Joan at


Linda “BOO” Caban, Director At-Large, previous to joining the HHPNC, Ms. Caban has volunteered on the HHPNC Land Use Committee.  With a vested interest in the community she is concerned about historical preservation and responsible development that takes particular account of existing and future public services.  She would like to see Highland Park enjoy the same attention and city services that more generally affluent communities expect and receive.  Ms. Caban graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a BA in Political Science.  Prior professional experience includes work in the music industry for Warner Brothers Records, Virgin Music Group, and Capitol Records. You may contact Linda at

Melanie Freeland, Director At-Large. I’m an enthusiastic 10 year resident of Highland Park. My husband and I moved to the community because we loved the small town feel of Highland Park and the friendly neighbors we encountered. We now have a young son and enjoy hanging out with our neighbors, spending time at the park or walking and cycling to local businesses.   As a board member, I want to encourage an open dialogue between all residents, address the housing crisis that is affecting our neighborhood and work with the city to make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.
I have many years of experience volunteering and working with the city and various non-profit groups including the Downtown Women’s center, Midnight Mission, Skid Row Housing Trust, and LACBC. I also helped coordinate the recent community event Fig Jam held on North Figueroa.  You may contact Melandie at

Zacharias Gardea, Director At-Large. As a member of the Historic Highland Park neighborhood council, I plan to be a voice for constituents that I have called neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers throughout my life. I am currently finishing up my undergraduate studies at Occidental College with a focus on Los Angeles Politics. I am eager to serve the community that I passionately want to see improve and develop in a smart, fair, and equitable manner for all residents of beautiful Highland Park. It is crucial to enhance civic engagement in the community in order to ensure that its officials truly represent our values and concerns. While on the board, I will focus among other areas to strengthen community outreach in an effort to achieve greater participation among members of the community.  You may contact Zacharias at

Sheri Lunn, Director At-Large, Sheri Lunn has long-time family ties to Highland Park.  Her maternal grandmother settled in to Highland Park in the 1940s after arriving in the States and spending time at Ellis Island in the early 1920s. Her parents met just after WWII when her dad saw her mom crossing York Blvd. at Ave. 50 and asked her on a date to the local malt shop.  Sheri is a graduate of Yorkdale Elementary, the Learning Center Magnet School on the campus of Luther Burbank Jr. High, and Benjamin Franklin High School.  She has an AA degree in American Sign Language Interpreting, a BA degree in Broadcast Journalism, and an MS degree in Leadership and Management.  Sheri’s early career was in management – having managed both a major chain bookstore and music store.  A nonprofit organization executive with extensive experience in marketing, public relations, communications and development, for nearly 20 years Sheri has dedicated her career to working for nonprofit organizations dedicated to social justice, equality and healthcare.  She’s ridden her bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Montreal to Boston, and San Diego to Santa Monica all in support of finding a cure for AIDS.  Always up for discovering a new restaurant or having a conversation in ASL, you will often see her around Highland Park with her 5-lb rescue chihuahua, Buddy.  Feel free to stop them and say hi – both of them are super-friendly and neither one bites!  You may contact Sheri at

Marcus Moche, Director At-Large:  I’ve been a resident of Los Angeles since my birth in Van Nuys as a third–generation American and Angeleno, with a few years in Boston to obtain my mechanical engineering degree from Northeastern University. I am honored and delighted to represent the 60,000 proud and diverse stakeholders of Highland Park, and seeing the community work for its collective betterment has been a true joy. I love watching the community bond as more folks become involved in their neighborhood, local business, and local politics, and hope to facilitate those relationships as best I can. As our 44th president once said, “we are the change we seek.” When I’m not fulfilling my duties as an extremely local politician or working my day job for a health system, you can find me goal-tending on the ice at various rinks in LA, cheering for the Kings and Rams, or walking down Figueroa with my wife, Kira, and our dog, Penny. You can reach me at

Stanley W. Moore, Director At-Large, is a retired university professor. He taught 46 years at the university level in the area of Political Science and American Constitutional Law, Political Philosophy and the Legislative Process.  Stanley has lived in Highland Park since 1992.  Served on the HHPNC from 2002 until 2012 as Vice President, Treasurer, chair of Human Relations, Education and Youth Development, chair of City Services and Transportation, etc. He also was on he Election Committee in October 13, 2012.  He is on the Board of BLEND which raises money for the Northeast Division of the LAPD, he has been treasurer of the Peace in the Northeast Walk and chair of the March in 2013 and 2014; he is on the Board of the Greater Highland Park Kiwanis Club, and on the board of the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition.  Stanley has been married for 52 years to the Rev. Nancy C. Moore who is pastor of the Shepherd of the Valley Presbyterian Church, a four language church in Hacienda Heights.  You may contact Stanley at

Yolanda Nogueira, Director At-Large. Yolanda was born and raised in the heart of the City of The Angels, a true Angeleno. She studied acting with the late Stella Adler, acted in several plays then worked behind the scenes as an assistant film editor. She is the owner of MAN Insurance (her late Father’s business) in Highland Park. She is known to be a driving force behind many of Highland Park’s events on York Blvd. and throughout Highland Park. She continues a long-standing family tradition of leading & supporting community organizations started by her parents in Northeast Los Angeles, including: the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce and BLEND LAPD (Business Law Enforcement Northeast Division), Ebell Women’s Club, Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery, Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez AD51 Woman Of The Year 2017-2018,  CA AD51 Democratic State Central Committee Delegate 2017-2109, Member of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council (HHPNC). As the HHPNC Outreach Committee, Homelessness Committee and Beautification Committee Chair, you can be sure she’s an integral part of any community effort focused on the betterment of Los Angeles. Among her many noteworthy accomplishments are:

  • Director of the Annual Northeast LA Christmas Parade (74th year, this year!)
  • Director of the Annual Northeast LA Veterans Parade
  • Early advocate for creating York Park in Highland Park
  • Founder of the Annual El Mercado Arts & Crafts Festival in Highland Park
  • Lead Supporter of BLEND’s Annual Officer Appreciation Day at Northeast Station
  • Member of The Ebell Women’s Club
  • Bernie Sanders Highland Park Volunteer Office
  • Elected Delegate CA AD51
  • California Assembly District 51 Woman Of The Year

Yolanda loves and rescues animals, the environment, and the arts. She is a longtime member of The Humane Society, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), and the Sierra Club. As a supporter of the arts, Yolanda’s Highland Park office also serves as a community art gallery- one of Highland Park’s most renowned Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery she regularly exhibits artwork created by local aspiring artists.The everyday visits she receives from neighbors (whether residents, gallery visitors or business-owners) seeking assistance. Yolanda’s office is truly a one-stop constituent service center for people in her community.  You may contact Yolanda at

Mary Pickert, Director At-Large:  Mary is a long-time resident and home-owner in Highland Park, having moved here in 2003.  She grew up in the Bay Area, in a small town south of San Francisco.  When she moved to Highland Park, she was attracted to the community feeling of the neighborhood, within Los Angeles, which felt very distinct from other LA neighborhoods she had lived in.  Mary has a passion for social justice and working on building community and appreciating the great outdoor resources that Los Angeles has to offer.  She recently trained in the Nature for All Leadership Academy, has volunteered for TreePeople and the Sierra Club, and has a professional background in entertainment and digital media.  She is looking forward to bringing her passion for community and outdoor space to her work on the HHPNC board and committees.  You can contact Mary at

Gavin Pierce, Director At-Large:  In my three years since moving to Los Angeles, I have committed wholeheartedly to community organizing by advocating for a handful of issues centered around social and economic justice. In the fall of 2017, I helped to pass AB19, a bill giving first time full time community college students their first year of education for free. More recently, I organized the Los Angeles March For Our Lives. In addition to
this, I have been working to fight climate change by striving to increase LA’s commitment to a greener future. This activism has been rooted in a
desire for change to happen at an accelerated pace. Through my experience in community organizing, I have come to see that on the local level, we
have the ability to make our communities examples of what we wish to see in the broader world. I am happy to have the honor of serving as a voice
for the neighborhood of Highland Park, and am committed to a vision for the community that will benefit all.   You can contact Gavin at

Jeffrey Rex, Director At-Large:  I have been a home owner in highland park for the last three years after making the move from downtown with my partner and our two dogs. I couldn’t be happier here, and have come to love community and the nature that surrounds us.   I work as an Environmental Consultant for an international engineering and environmental consulting firm.  I have experience providing environmental services on many of the large scale projects that are driving LA into a sustainable and resilient future.  As a council member I look forward to applying my skills and experiences on a local level in Highland Park.

Clinton Schaff, Director At-Large:  Clint has lived in Los Angeles for 16 years and, now resides in Highland Park with his wife Jessica.  Clint is an experienced professional workign at the intersection of media, entertainment, advertising and marketing.  He also serves as an adjunct faculty member at USC Annenberg.  You may contact Clint at

Joe Tarr, Director at Large:  I have lived in Highland Park as a homeowner with my wife and two young children for the last 5 years.  I received my masters in architecture from SCI-Arc in the Arts District, and have been practicing architecture and planning in the Southern California and internationally for 12+ years.   I am honored to serve on the Neighborhood Council and bring my knowledge and experience to the issues affecting our growing and unique community.

Jamie Tijerina, Director At-Large.  Jamie is a Los Angeles-based professional with unique and diverse experience in academic flow cytometry, higher education, and the arts.  Jamie is working directly toward the advancement of science, the arts, and community through her work as a scientific researcher and through her involvement HHPNC.  You may contact Jamie at

Ross Ufberg, Director At-Large: I am honored to serve as a Director-at-Large on the HHPNC. I have lived in Highland Park for a year, together with my wife and our two sons, and have been so moved by the commitment to neighborhood I’ve seen here. We moved from New York City, where I was teaching literature at Columbia University and working as a journalist. Now I work as a writer for a construction software company and am cofounder of a publishing house specializing in literature from around the world. I look forward to serving the community and being a voice for the neighborhood as we face an exciting future — you can often spot me walking the streets with my family, or riding a bike with my son in tow as we explore the storefronts and houses and bountiful parks of HP. I believe Highland Park is one of LA’s greatest treasures, and we need to maintain the strong identity and diversity of our streets if we want to continue to be a beacon for the city. Please feel free to contact me with any Highland Park issues that concern you.