President’s Message: November

Greetings Highland Park Stakeholders and Neighboring Friends!

Elections are over, and we have new leadership officials and many more officials reelected!  Congratulations to every candidate who had the courage and stamina to run for office and speak to the people about the issues that are important to them.  I am hopeful that you all exercised your right to vote, if you have that privilege.  Democracy can only work if we, the people, vote for those who represent our views and values.My intention for every president’s message is to share with you all what HHPNC is working on throughout the community and for our stakeholders, which often includes HHPNC’s support for our local public schools and non-profit organizations focused on providing a public service and resources to the community, the city council motions that the HHPNC supports or opposes based on information and input from stakeholders and, lastly, provide you with the events that HHPNC committees are working on.  However, for this month I will put that aside and bring you that information next month because there is something that I want to reiterate to you all.

The HHPNC board meetings, held every first Thursday of the month from 7:00 -9:00 pm at the Highland Park Senior Center, are the public platforms that YOU, the stakeholder, have at your disposal to have your voice heard.  When I wrote about participatory democracy a few months ago, this is what I was aiming to elaborate on to stress the importance of neighborhood councils and what they represent.

The neighborhood councils are the PEOPLE’s public platform, a democratic space for the board members to hear from the community on what is taking place in your area within Highland Park, throughout Highland Park and in City Hall, that is either positively or negatively affecting you, or if you are completely in opposition or in favor.  We want to know what is affecting you and your community on various areas and actions taking place throughout Los Angeles, such as the increasing homelessness rate, the blight, the lack of response or not enough attention from city council members, or the increasing number of liquor licenses granted to a community or not enough liquor licenses, whatever your stance on any of these or other issues affecting our community, we need to hear from you.

The board members of HHPNC want to hear from YOU, the stakeholders, on the agenda items up for discussion and review at the board meetings.  These meetings are essential for you, the stakeholder, to attend to speak on any item on the agenda for up to 2 minutes during public comments.  I know it’s not sufficient time to elaborate on your point (But you may email us your elaboration as well.) but enough time has to be allotted to all who want to speak.  In addition, the board meetings must end around 9:00 pm as the space is only paid up to that time.  We are working on looking for a free space to free up funds to use for the community instead, but that will take time.

HHPNC and committee agendas are posted three days prior to the board meeting at the Fire Station #12 located at 5921 North Figueroa Street Figueroa Street between Avenues 60 and 59.  For the December 5th, 2018 board meeting the agenda will be posted on December 3rd by 7:00 pm.  The agenda is also posted on our website, Facebook page, Instagram and if you sign up with EmpowerLA to receive an email notification when an agenda is posted.

Let me add that the board can only base its decisions and submit recommendations to City Hall and particularly the City Planning Department based on what we are presented with and hear at our respective committee and board meetings.  We need to hear the voices of the people whenever there is an issue that lies within the jurisdiction of HHPNC and its committees.  For instance, if it’s a sustainability issue you want to speak about, then you can go to either the sustainability and land use committee, depending on the case.  If it’s a homelessness, housing or renters’ situation then you can speak at the Housing, Renters and Homelessness Committee.  If you want to speak about a youth or education related topic, you can go to the Family Youth and Education Committee.  If you are not able to make it to the committee or board meetings, you may email the committee chairs and the executive board.  The board emails are on our website and the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) as well,

Once again, the HHPNC board meeting is every first Thursday of the month, the next meeting is December 6 at 7:00-9:00 pm at the Highland Park Senior Center on 6152 N Figueroa St., Los Ángeles, CA 90042.


Have a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of chilly November and please be kind to one another.


Warmest regards,

Rocio Rivas, President