President’s Message


Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY…AGAIN! Yes, if you feel like you have been voting a lot lately, it is because…well, you have been! And there is another extremely important election in our neighborhood TOMORROW! Tomorrow is the runoff election for the city of Los Angeles Council District 1. Our current councilman Gilbert Cedillo is running for another term. It is important for all of us to show up and vote in this runoff. City Council elections are like a job review where we, the taxpaying constituents, get to assess and review our councilman, and decide whether he is deserving of keeping his job. If we don’t show up to vote, we are waiving our right to weigh in and evaluate his job performance.

Many of us lose sight of the fact that elected city council officers work for us! They are OUR EMPLOYEES! If you owned a hamburger stand or a clothing store, would you periodically review your employees, or would you just let them do whatever they want and not care? Our council members earn $189,000.00 annually for their base salary. Do you think that kind of money should just be paid blindly to anyone? Of course not. That is why it is important to vote tomorrow in the runoff election.

You may be a passionate supporter of the incumbent councilman Gilbert Cedillo, or you may be ready for a change and wanting to vote for the challenger, Josef Bray Ali. Whatever the case, it is important that you inform yourself on the issues and form your own opinion, and then get out there and vote! The Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council does not officially endorse either candidate, but we do want to support YOU to exercise your rights! And that is why I am devoting this week’s email to this issue.

Read on to learn about your polling place, and to see other things happening in the community this week. Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing you out the neighborhood soon!

Power to the People!
Harvey Slater
Your HHPNC President